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Film Con Hollywood is a first of its kind, film convention that offers a grand multitude of opportunity within the film industry. Film Con Hollywood and Film Byte Productions partnered together hosting an amazing full day event filled with big-name keynote speakers from major studios (including Chevy Chase, Julian Bell, and more), as well as an amazing 4-hour workshop with industry professionals. We also hosted a $9,000 film competition.


Prod: Film Byte Productions
Director/Coordinator: Daichi Sakane
Editor: Demetrius Fair
Camera Crew: Daichi Sakane, Terry Ngo, Demetrius Fair, Derek Matarangas, Mattin Izad, Yanni Perez, Knima


Film Con Hollywood



Behind the Scenes During the event.

Our team covering the entire day including full workshop panels, guest speakers, b-rolls, and more!